I joined the Youth Work in a Changing World project on Day 2 in London where we had a meeting with MPs and other senior government officials at Portcullis House to discuss future youth policy. The meeting was hosted by Labour MP (and Momentum World Alumnus) Lloyd Russell-Moyle. We also heard from Giles Dilnot from the office of the Children’s Commissioner for England. The general view was how important it is for any theoretical or policy discussions to not lose sight of ‘action on the ground’. “We talk about problems a lot, but we should be implementing solutions”.

In the afternoon we moved a real-life setting just around the corner from the Houses of Parliament – “the oldest Youth Club in the World” St Andrews Youth Club. We had a session exploring how youth services connect both with young people and with other services, followed by a tour around the youth centre – a great space with lots of facilities used by the local school, young people and other members of the community.

On Day 3 I travelled up to Leicester to join the group. The day began with a session from Olga introducing EuroPeers and was followed by a discussion on where to take the project next; agreeing key themes and planning for an Erasmus + submission in April. The participants had lots of interesting ideas based on what they had seen and heard over the previous few days.