During the week we had the pleasure of visiting one of the biggest Youth Centres in the UK,
the Carlisle Youth Zone. We had the chance to visit all the different facility rooms of the
huge building where the children join different activities.
One of the rooms which was shown to us by a member of staff, Jess, was the music room
where the children can play many different instruments, record their own music and enjoy
listening to songs. After that we saw the café where the children learn how to cook healthy
food from different countries.
In the building there was also a very well-equipped gym with a boxing area and Jess
explained to us the importance of the room to people with special needs. Furthermore,
there was a beauty room and the sensory room specifically dedicated to children with
special needs. Downstairs, in the recreation area, there was also football, tennis and pool
Sports facilities include outdoor astroturf football pitches, an indoor sports area for
basketball, badminton, dodgeball, handball and many other activities. The amount of
children who visit the CYZ every day is around 100.
Jess told us that because of several floods, they had to move all of the rooms from the
ground floor to upstairs. After those floods, they learnt how to protect the building and how
to face these kind of calamities in the future. It was a very interesting day for all of us, and we were excited to hear that we can also be
volunteers in European projects there.

By Eftychia