On feb 11th, 2020 Momentum World with cooperation of NYA organised a visit to the UK Parliament, where the seminar attendees took part in a discussion with the MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle about the future of Youth Work in the UK, and what the government is doing to improve the position of Youth Work. In the last 10 years, there have been over 799 youth centers shut down, schools unused outside of the working hours, and there is much potential both in unused properties, that are already owned by the government, and also lots of new ideas and needs for improvement. we discussed what would be the best course of action, and how to spend the half a billion that the government has promised to invest in youth work, and how it should actually be spent, instead of letting the government open up and build new buildings, in order to throw dust into the public’s eyes with a shiny building, that would make them believe how lots has been done for youth work. A lot of interest and passion has been shown by the representatives and youth workers in the UK, and the future’s looking brighter. Hopefully they will continue working hard and achieve all of their goals in connecting young people, and helping each individual, both the minorities, but also especially the ones that unfortunately don’t fall into any category of minorities, and are often left with no help and fall through  the cracks of the system.



During this seminar, in only three days lots of things have been pinpointed, clarified and also agreed upon. These kinds of projects are vital to the continuation and improvement of youth work, where like-minded people with similar goals and aims discover new ways of resolving their issues, and how they could apply it in their own companies or communities. Although not everyone has the same opinion, and there are some clashes, those are exactly the things needed for growth and improvement of policies and policy making, as well as youth workers improving their skills and knowledge. Without discussion, it is  an amazing opportunity for networking, making new projects or having new ideas for projects and meeting new potential partners who would be of trust and would be great for working with.


Youth Work  is not seen as a profession in Croatia, and it is mostly voluntary work. Policy makers in croatia should definitely look up to UK, romania etc, to make better choices and make greater investments and improvements  towards youth work, because the nation as a whole could greatly benefit from youth centers and yw in growing towards a better and more educated public, more empathetic and positive mindset, and would greatly empower young people to be brave, follow their passion and also use that passion to create something beneficial for themselves and for their community. Unfortunately, not much has been done so far considering investments for youth workers, their employment or informing the public about youth work even is. I think that should be the start, informing the public, especially young families and young people about youth work is and how could they all benefit from getting included in youth centers and getting guidance and help necessary.

By Stipe Orec