Written by Christian Vlach – Czech Republic

As they say ‘Time flies when you are having fun’ three days passed away as fast as water flowing down a flowing river and it’s time to say goodbye to this memorable event. 

But let’s go back what exactly happen during week to explore what happens when you have opportunity to be surrounded by nice people which have the will to change the world for future generations.

We shared experiences, skills and opinions about issues of young people such as health, social lives, employment, education problems and many others. 

All of us were working hard and many of us are still working hard to make change happen. But it’s not something that could be done in one day so we are moving forward and trying more and more so that we can ensure the bright future for young people in the field of youth work.We also want to be proud of ourselves. Because there is no better feeling than when young man/woman comes to you and tell you that you helped them change (or even save) their lives from despair. So big thanks to NYA agency, Momentum World and others which took part in this memorable event.