The EVS & Beyond meeting at Glaramara House was the very first experience I was fortunate to make in my still very early stages of my EVS journey. I arrived in my new home in Keswick on a Tuesday and already left for EVS & Beyond on Thursday the same week. Naturally, I assumed I would be thrown in at the deep end, since I hadn’t even properly arrived at that point. I indeed was thrown in, but everyone around me and the people who arrived throughout the day helped catch my potential fall and put me down quite gently. This feeling of being welcome carried on through the whole week and I think that counts for everyone who was part of the meeting. The entire group had a certain magic to it that simply made
everyone feel comfortable. Though there were people from 15 different countries and backgrounds the one thing all of them shared was their undoubtedly loving nature and attitude towards each other. Meeting all those amazing people in the first week of my EVS gave me a taste of what might be to come and definitely made me look forward to the next eight months.