EVS Stories


EVS / ESC changes lives and leads to much greater opportunities due to increased confidence, greater self esteem, learning of new skills and languages. But what do our EVS professionals and young people have to say, read on for some interesting insights

Story 1

Hello everybody, nice to meet you. My name is Aleksandra Lyutskanova. I am from Bulgaria and I did my EVS with System and Generation Association in Ankara, Turkey. I was working in the office, writing articles, preparing projects, organizing English Conversation Club and Japanese lessons. I believe that EVS really changed my life in perspective of learning new skills and understanding what can you do in order to help others experience Erasmus+. Dear young people, please join this amazing programme, you can thank me later.

Story 2

My name is Eftychia Stamouli and I am from Greece. I did my EVS in Ankara, Turkey. It was for one year and I was working in elderly houses. I was organising cultural and movie days for them, workshops, outdoor activities, etc. EVS was the best experience for me because it made me a better human and it helped me for my career. It also helped me to break the most of the stereotypes between Greeks and Turks for my family and my friends too. I continued to live and work in Ankara. I absolutely suggest to everybody to do their EVS because it is a life time experience and it can
change your whole life or it can be the first step for your career. Don’t miss it!

Story 3

Hey Kids, I’m David from Hungary and I did my EVS in Malaysia where I stayed for 8 months. I had several tasks there, for example teaching English, organising community events and managing the centre.
It was one of the best things in my life. I learned a lot about the local culture, the work and last but not least about myself. It is a once in a lifetime experience, so go for it and don’t be afraid to jump in!

story 4

Hi everyone, I’m Claudia, a 19 year old girl from Spain. Last year I spent 11 months doing my EVS in Viimsi, Tallin. I was working as a youth worker in a school with mentally disabled kids. As you can imagine, Spain and Estonia are really different countries in everything; weather, people, culture and so much more. So the feeling of changing my home for 11 months made me change a lot too (in a good way!). If you ask me what is the thing that I dislike most about EVS is that I don’t have the chance to do it again. But you are able to do it, so go for it, you will absolutely not regret it!