Filming team

The team members

Our  filming team was lead by  Eva from Grecce, with the support of Paul ,Denisa, Marek and Christian.

Hi! I’m Eva from Greece and I’m a media and communications volunteer in Momentum World. My interest in photography and filmmaking started not even three years ago, while I was a student in Greece. My motivation was not just to use photography and video as a tool to capture moments of my life, but how I can adjust these both in education.

This volunteering opportunity is a great way to practice and develop my skills. During these five months I had the opportunity to capture with my camera some of the great beauty of the Lake District and film some of our adventures as a team of volunteers. Also, I had the opportunity to get involved in several projects and training directed by Momentum World and experience how it feels to work as a photographer/video maker under pressure.

Filming Team

– Develop a story board which tells the story of this week-long program

– Share the story board – present to Momentum Team for approval prior to  filming

– Begin filming & acquire all appropriate branding logo

– Negotiate time required for training (if necessary)

how did the process go?

The Filming Team filmed clips and edited all throughout the week and, in the end, provided us with a great film about this very event and of course much more content.