photo team

The team members

The Photo Team was lead by Paul, the Creative Director of Momentum World with the support of Eva and Marek.

Hi everyone !

My name is Paul Oxo and I’m the creative Director at Momentum World. On this project it was my task to manage the media elements (with a great team) as well as some of the event logistics and general group cohesion. It is always a challenge to create good media content in a short space of time but as you can see from this website a great deal of progress was made. Thanks to the rest of the media team for their hard work.

Photo Team

– Ensure a record of all activities that take place

– Work with the website & branding teams to replace stock images on the website with top-quality, well thought out photographic material

– Explore the use of photoshop for maximising image quality

– Ensure all images are shared with appropriate teams, and Momentum World, before the end

how did the process go?

The Photo Team worked together with many other teams. They had to make sure the photos were consistent with the Branding Team, they also worked closely with the Website Team, as they needed the photos for the website to look a certain way.