The team members

The Podcast team was lead by Marek from Czech Republic  with the support of Paul and Christian.

Hi, my name is Marek and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. When I was 14 years old I found my dad’s old film camera in an attic. So I started to learn how to use this oldschool camera. After some time I bought my own film camera because I really like that I have to think about so many things before I press the trigger. 

I also play guitar and sing and so I am a fan of audio recording. And lately I‘m thinking about starting my own podcast.

Podcast Team

– Plan for three, 15-20 minute podcast recordings

– Liase with writing team for interview frameworks

– Training with Paul on equipment usage

– Invite selected guests to participate in the podcasts

– Complete by Wednesday

how did the process go?

The Podcast Team invited people to talk about EVS related topics and those informal conversations made for a good basis of explaining EVS and its benefits.