postcard team

The team members

The Postcard Team was lead by Christian from Czech Republic with the support of Paul and Eva.


 My name is Christian Vlach from Czech Republic which is the heart of Europe. I’m a 20 years old young man who loves sports, travelling, stand up comedy and my family. I’ve been studying information and communication technology at Business academy. I was looking for job and I saw a great opportunity to travel and work abroad so I took it because I am not sure what I want to do in future or what would the job look like, that’s the best plan to find out. Right now, I’m a part of Momentum World, thanks to that I’m able to learn something new and try new things. We worked as hard as we could to prepare things for podcasts, filming, postcards and so on. Anyway, as I said I’ve never been working on a film, podcasts or whatever else so I was thankful for this opportunity and honoured to work with such amazing people. 

Postcard Team

– Ensure every member has their photo taken

– Identify suitable backdrops for profile shots

– Manage distribution & collection of “Quote Forms”

– Ensure all branding is included – design a post card template to be approved by the Momentum World team


how did the process go?

The Postcard Team had a big job. They had to get a photograph of each participant, then get a quote about EVS from them and then photoshop each postcard.