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What is the EVS & Beyond project?

Momentum World tries to run one big partnership building event  every 1-2 years. This event involved strategic decision makers and young people from 15 countries. The project was split into two strands; a strategic strand and a media strand. the decision makers shared information about their work and planned new projects whilst the media team documented this process. The event was held at the Glaramara Hotel and Outdoor Centre in Keswick, Lake District from 29th November – 6th December. This website and all the content was created by the media team during this week-long project.   

Why EVS & Beyond is important

Not only do many strategic new partnerships come out of these events, we also involve young people in a powerful and meaningful way to produce dynamic content and reports as shown on this website. This is very much an enhanced partnership building which really pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a week long project. 

Who took part?

15 countries, experienced professionals and decision makers, as well as young people, who were just starting their international journeys. Through a carefully planned programme which brought this wide range of people together to develop new ideas together. It was also a good testing ground to research new ideas and opinions. See the map to see the partners involved.

What this will lead to

New partnerships, new learning and a chance to check organisations out before mandates are signed. The intensity of this programme really tests out suitability of partners before you work with them. This means that when applications happen there is a greater certainty it will be a success.

Do you want to be involved in a future partnership building event with Momentum World?