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Time for Tea is a non-formal education activity which uses tea to encourage global learning, creative thinking and social action, and to give young people a voice. Time for Tea is simple, fun and accessible to people of any age or ability, anywhere in the world. For further information and resources, please visit https://www.time4tea.info


This page has been set up to enable you to experience how Time For Tea works in practice. We have created some 360 clips which guide you through the different parts of the programme.


Scroll down to see two different groups engaging with the Time For Tea process in 360.


INSTRUCTIONS: use your mouse (or finger if you are on a tablet or mobile) to scroll around while the video is playing. If you have a VR headset, you will be able to click on the stereo vision icon and look in different directions.


For some smartphones you will need to click on the YouTube button on each film.








Welcome to Time For Tea and the Malpas Community Centre in Cornwall, UK where today’s activity will take place.


Plan your activities. Choose a group of young people to work with. Remember – it is their project: the leader should only advise and support.

Explore the issues that matter to young people about the world, near or far.

Decide which topic is most important: what do you want to say about it, and who you do want to listen? 

Team 1

Team 2


Get some tea, and work together to design an imaginative packet for the tea plus your message. How creative can you be?

Team 1

Team 2


Deliver your tea and message to the person you want to listen. Ask them to drink the tea and think about your message. With luck, they will answer or offer to meet you.

Tell the story of your project, through video, photographs or other media. Send it to us, and we will share it with the world on the TIME FOR TEA map! 

Team 1

Team 2


Here are the group of Cornish young people who came together for a day to show you Time For Tea in practice

Information about the partners

Here are the partners involved in this project

Regional Vol. Centre - Poland

We are one of the most active non-governmental organizations operating in Świętokrzyskie region. For over 10 years, our main activity is helping people who want to become volunteers and intermediation between volunteers and organizations that need help. We promote volunteering, we uphold the enforcement of volunteers laws, we give our experience, advice and we inspire action. Regional Volunteer Centre also supports the initiatives of young people and offers high-quality workshops and training, as well as many fantastic international projects!

The mission of the Regional Volunteer Centre in Kielce is to inspire and encourage active citizenship and volunteering for the development of civil society.

Momentum World

Momentum World is a not for profit international education and training provider based in the UK. Our mission is to enhance the career prospects of young people. Our aims are:

• To inspire young people and develop their employability.
• To increase young people’s understanding of global issues, and access to international projects.
• To facilitate employment opportunities and career pathways.
• To add value to formal education.
• To promote intercultural understanding and inclusion

Alongside these aims, we work within 4 strategic themes reflecting both our own knowledge and expertise, and the types of partnerships we have developed over the last 10 years.
• Reducing social isolation
• Employability
• Intercultural learning and heritage
• Digital media

BB&R - Spain

BB&R is an international consulting, research and training firm in the areas of Election, Government and Public Policy, Research, Development and Innovation, Public-Private Relationships and Social Responsibility.

Each of its consultants has a renowned performance in their areas of expertise. This allows the company to offer services with high standards while its relationship with customers is characterized by responsibility and commitment.

The company has a reputable global experience founded in the execution of important projects for different organizations and governments. The diversity of the arenas where BB&R acts is an example of its capability of adaptation, dynamism and solidity.

Joint Association - Italy

oint  Association is a Social Promotion Association based in Milan.  The association operates in the  non-profit sector from more than 12 years and offers to young people international mobility and learning opportunities in non-formal contexts. Joint Association in specialized in projects related to the non-formal education and the intercultural learning. It addresses to young people between 18 and 30 years old and follows pedagogical paths for high schools students and for the most weak sectors of the society such as disadvantaged young people.

The 360 resources on this page constitute an intellectual output of the project Time for Tea (ref. 2019-1-PL01-KA205-064841), co-financed under Key Action 2 of the EU Erasmus Plus programme. The project has been developed through a partnership between Regional Volunteer Centre (Poland), Associazione Joint (Italy), Biderbost, Boscán & Rochin (Spain) and Momentum World (UK).

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