web design team

The team members

Everything that was generated by the teams was put on this website by Denisa from Romania with the support of Paul and Christian.

Hi Everybody!

My name is Denisa, I’m from Romania and now I’m part of the volunteering team of Momentum World. My interest in technology developed when I was young, so I decided to study computer science, so I did it for 5 years with the result of a bachelor and master degree. What I like the most of technology and media is the result of it, the creation and the sharing platform that you develop for others.

Web Design Team

РPrepare website for population 

– Identify key pages

– Liase with Paul to see pre-existing framework

– Communicate with all teams to gather content

– Prioritise and anticipate heavy workload

– WordPress training

– Site ready to present Wednesday

how did the process go?

The Web Design Team had to make sure the website looks presentable by the end of the week. This was a challenge because the broadband at the hotel wasn’t good enough to upload things. Furthermore, they had no previous experience about web design. But with a lot of help from the other teams and the team coordinators, they had a decent website to present by the end of the week.